Mending Broken by Teresa Pasquale

A book review

Mending Broken will give you an insight into what it is like recovering from trauma. It is written for those who have experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder especially victims of rape like Teresa herself. It is also for anyone who works with such patients or clients in therapy, counselling or in a pastoral setting.
In Mending Broken Teresa Pasquale communicates beautifully the emotions of living with and recovering from trauma. Teresa’s experiences will be emblasoned on your memory due to her skilful story telling. Through these gripping and deeply moving pages you develop an empathy with her. After reading through this slim volume you feel like you know her.

There is plenty of wisdom in Mending Broken that can be applied to both sufferer and counsellor. It shows how trauma victims may react to some therapies. It shows how reliving the event may just be aggravated by therapy rather than calmed. Teresa Pasquale shows how she found her trauma helped by contemplative meditation.

Mending_my_broken_heartMending Broken isn’t a textbook on trauma. If you are seriously examining this topic you will need to read more widely. But this book does give you a perspective that can be useful you if you have experienced PTSD yourself or are helping someone through trauma in any capacity.

If you’ve had a similar experience to Teresa then this book will motivate you to overcome the numbness and disassociation that such an experience may bring. Mending Broken will encourage you to rediscover your authentic self and to take some positive steps towards healing and contemplative spirituality may be one way towards that.


Thanks to Mike Morrell of the SpeakEasy Network for sending me this book to review free of charge.

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