My Google A to Z of Positive Psychology

A quick way to research what people are searching for on the internet is to use Google’s predictive feature. You start typing a word and Google with give you a few suggestions based on popular searches. By typing a word followed by each letter of the alphabet it is easy to collate an A to Z of that topic by just picking one of the four words or phrases that Google gives you.
I’ve just done this with positive psychology.

googling positive psychology

A is for an introduction
B is for books. Buy positive psychology from and
C is for coaching
D is for definition: What is Positive Psychology?
E is for exercises
F is for flow
G is for gratitude
H is for happiness – as in Authentic Happiness
I is for interventions
J is for journal
K is for kindness
L is for leadership
M is for Martin Seligman
N is for news as in Positive Psychology News Daily
O is for optimism
P is for PERMA – Positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning and accomplishmant or achievement
Q is for quotes
R is for resilience
S is for Shawn Achor
T is for theory
U is for University East London – where you can do a do an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology
V is for virtues as in Seligman’s Character Strengths and Virtues
W is for weight loss as in the Happiness Diet
X is for XKCD a web comic satirising science takes on positive psychology with this cartoon on Positive Attitude and optimism
Y is for YouTube – where you’ll find plenty of videos on Positive Psychology such as this
Z is for Zeitgeist

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