How to be Assertive in any Situation

A book review

Assertiveness is all about asking for what you want in a manner that respects others.

How to be Assertive in any Situation by Sue Hadfield and Gill Hasson is for anyone who wants to be able to express themselves more confidently in this way without coming over as aggressive.
The advice can be easily followed. How to be Assertive in any Situation is accessible with clear and straightforward explanations.

It doesn’t come over as preachy as the book outlines the strengths and weaknesses of being assertive, aggressive and passive so that you can decide to be assertive or not in any given situation.

Sue Hadfield and Gill Hasson give clear and concise outlines of the theory and practical applications that bring assertive behaviour to life on the pages. You can use the tables of attitudes and behaviours to identify when you have not been assertive and discover what sort of mistakes you tend to make.

How to be Assertive in any Situation covers a variety of scenarios including work, friends, family and shopping. It gives you techniques and phrases to learn whether you are dealing with a bully at the office or talking to your partner about an important decision.

Even though these are obviously fictional cases they do show that problem you may have encountered might be more common than you thought. There could have been more masculine illustrations nevertheless I still found them all very useful.

Once you’ve read this book the major challenge will be implementing these ideas. But there are plenty of tools and techniques to get you started. You will need to put in some effort into increasing your awareness of how you handle situations. It will take you some time to build new habits in the way you respond. But stick with it. It is well worthwhile.

I would highly recommend How to be Assertive in any Situation to anyone who wants to develop these important skills.



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