How Do You Stay Positive?

Today I’d like to ask you a question: How do you stay positive?What are your tips about staying positive? These might be keys that have helped you overcome something many years ago or they might be some helpful thoughts on issue that you are still struggling with. It doesn’t really matter,
How do you help yourself feel more positive? How does feeling positive help you? What strengths do you have that you find help you to stay positive? How are you overcoming some of your weaknesses? What else helps you cope to better with situations?

SMirC-thumbsupYou might like to jot down something you have done that you think might have contributed to your lasting happiness. What is it that really makes you happy in life? What attitudes or actions have helped you be tougher or hardier when life throws things at you?

Tips to staying positive such as…

• Perhaps you’ve been or are going through a stressful or even traumatic experience.

• If you have children how have you stayed positive in your parenting?

• Perhaps being positive has helped in your job. I’d be very interested to know how.

• Or perhaps you are just aware of your need to keep positive as you grow older. What do you think keeps you healthy – both emotionally and physically?

Let’s discuss how to stay positive

I thought this might be a very helpful little discussion starter. So over to you! Let me know some of your tips and stories about staying positive.

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8 thoughts on “How Do You Stay Positive?

  1. Hi David. I have always naturally been a fairly positive person, but I now use hypnotherapy and meditation to stay positive. As well as being an internet marketer I am also a clinical hypnotherapist. It has worked wonders for me over the years and I highly recommend it to everyone.

    I have recently seen both my parents lose long battles with cancer, both at the relatively young age of 56. Instead of being ground down by this, once they died I used it as motivation to make my life the best it could be. I used it as a reminder that life doesn’t last forever, and so I need to make positive things happen.

    • Thanks for being so open and honest, Jon. I think it is good to be real about these things. I am really pleased that you have found motivation to stay positive in the midst of difficulty.

  2. I have to admit I struggle with this sometimes. If I’m down there’s not much that seems to help. I try not to get down in the first place by surrounding myself with positive people. If I start sensing negativity coming from someone I am close to I will usually remove myself from them. This especially applies on social media. I’m the queen of unfriending when a continuous stream of negativity is coming from the same person. I get that we all have bad days and there are going to be a few hiccups here and there but I don’t deal well with the always negative person.
    I found you on probloggers Discussion Post. I am participating too!

    • Surrounding yourself with positive people is a great way to stay positive. Sometimes you can be a positive influence others. But I agree they can be a negative influence on you and it might be worth limiting involvement when it causes you hurt.

  3. I think the first thing is recognizing that I have the choice and making the decision to change my mood. Sometimes I just don’t want to, I want to be the victim and sulk for a while :)
    Overall I have a belief that everything happens for a reason, and that reason is my ultimate good. I’m currently doing a series of posts on deliberately finding the positive aspects of situations and circumstances that may not look that way at first, starting with this one 30 Days of Positive Aspects – What the Heck Does That Mean?

    • That looks very interesting Isobel. I like the idea of making a deliberate effort to stay positive by looking for the positive in every situation.

  4. Jon, I have always been a positive person and this has helped go places which have only been in my dream. somehow I never seem to get depressed (except when I had to decide upon a career). People around me get a lot of positive vibes from me and I have been very happy for that. All I feel is being the person you want to be will do the magic, I begin every morning with a 10 minute meditation like routine where I think of the whole day,plan, and tell myself what should happen. somehow they happen…

    • Yes, ‘being the person you want to be’ and meditating positively on the day ahead are two great tips in staying positive. We can often end up doing and being what we think others want rather than going for our heart’s desire. Thinking, planning and dwelling on our dreams sound like a really awesome way to stay positive.

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