Hackschooling Makes Me Happy

In this TEDx talk, teenage boy Logan LaPlante explains why he sees his experience of schooling that he calls hackschooling as an important way to learn to be happy.
By hackschooling he means investigating the world creatively rather than just following a set curriculum. LaPlante explains that hacking is thinking creativity – not just about technology – but about any subject.

Upon hearing the most popular TED talk of all time where Ken Robinson said that schools kill creativity Logan’s mother decided to homeschool him. Logan now goes to school in Starbucks, in community organisations and outside in nature.

Kids are often asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” If you ask a small child, Logan LaPlante explains, this question they will often say something that they really enjoy. One really good answer that a small kid once said was “I want to be happy!”

LaPlante puts forward the idea that we need to learn how to be happy and healthy. This really boils down to eight principles that Dr Roger Walsh calls therapeutic lifestyle changes or TLCs:

  • exercise
  • diet nutrition
  • time in nature
  • contribution and service
  • relationships recreation
  • relaxation and stress management
  • religious and spiritual

Schools often prepare kids for making a living but LaPlante feels that his hackschooling prepares him for life by teaching him how to be healthy and happy.

Update: Make Magazine have featured Logan LaPlante’s talk here


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