Can You Be A Positive Realist?

Have you ever considered that there might be such as thing as a realistic optimist? I believe there is. In fact I believe it is the best way to think.

Positivity can be good

Often optimist is something that we need to learn. It can take an effort to develop a more optimistic outlook. But we can drift a little more easily towards pessimism. Of course the pessimist may object that they are actually being a realist and making a sober assessment of the situation. Could there be something in that.

On one side there is an important value to being optimistic. Without optimism we may fall at the first hurdle and never try to do something. Optimism promotes happiness, mental health as well as strength and determination.Realist, pessimist, optimist

Positivity can be dangerous

It can be particularly dangerous if we fall for a glib sort of positive thinking approaching to optimism. As I mentioned in my previous post:

• It can easily be self deceptive. You might not be someone who would lie to other people so why lie to yourself?

• It can stop you being ready for the possibility of things going wrong.

• You can begin to think of you positivity as a kind of magic that will replace you taking the practical steps towards your goals.

So be a positive realist

Be positive in you demeanour but don’t deceive yourselves about the odds. Face the facts but still live in hope. Don’t just day dream but combine your hope with hard work and go for it.

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