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David DerbyshireWelcome to Authentically Positive – a blog to help you to live authentic lives with a positive attitude.

My name is David Derbyshire. I am studying for a Diploma in Life Coaching, I teach psychology and have a passion for positive psychology. I live in the city of Birmingham in the UK.

Becoming Authentically Positive

Over the years I like to think that I’ve maintained an optimistic outlook on life and slowly grown in confidence. Yet I was very critical of some of the ideas of positive thinking, especially after graduating with a degree in psychology. Personally I didn’t find the self help approach very useful. It all appeared very selfish and unrealistic. But recently I’ve discovered positive psychology and have been very impressed with its approach to personal development. I like its emphasis on integrity and authenticity and the idea that other people matter. You can read my story in this blog.

Why Authentically Positive?

I feel that it is important to be positive and to be authentic at the same time. You can read more about this here. Basically this site is dedicated to helping you learn about personal development in both an authentic and a positive way and to share their own insights and experiences in these areas.

I have been blogging since 2004 posting on my own personal blog with blogger.com and I wanted to develop this more focused blog on the overlap of these two important areas.

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