6 Questions about or Objections to Discussing Personal Development – Part 2

Here are my answers to the first two objections to discussing personal development.

1. I haven’t got the time

In today’s world people often complain about lack of time. Everyone is always in a rush. Stress has become an epidemic in the western world. Time is often about priorities and if something is important enough to us we often do find time for it. It is amazing how much time people spend watching TV but perhaps you genuine feel you hardly get time for yourself to relax.

Yes, I think it is good to be realistic about how we spend our time and to take care not to waste it. But also there is a place for spending time to look after ourselves. Perhaps a better way to think of it is as an investment – an investment in ourselves.

For example finding one brilliant tip on time management that you really apply may very soon yield you the time you spend searching for it with some interest! You may then realise that the source of such tips was worth it. You may go back to the site for money saving tips or relationship advice again and again and find that your life keeps improving as a result. You just need to keep persevering.

2. I don’t need personal development tips

Personal development tips may be something that you have never felt the need for but there can be a value in investing time in reading about some of these sorts of principles such as optimism or self control. We will see how these impact your health – both your physical health and your mental health.

They can give you insight into many areas of your life such as parenting, relationships, career or money management. Some may find encouragement that they are on the right tracks and find motivation to keep going. Others might find an exercise to do or a way to adjust their thinking that can be beneficial.

Why not investigate some of these principles? Why not evaluate your character strengths or the levels of satisfaction with various aspects of your life. Why not look for tips on improving your memory or learning how to control your temper? These are the sorts of things I’m planning to cover here. If you find them interesting and useful you might find yourself coming back for more.

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