5 Awesome ‘How to…’ Posts

I entered my previous post How to Be More Assertive in a Group Writing Project on ProBlogger. It was one of 84 ‘How to..’ posts on all manner of subjects. Having surfed through them I have found a few I resonate with that fit well on this blog. I would like to encourage the authors and recommend that you read their insights.

How to Maximize Study Time & Master Any Subject

Nicole Bianchi explains a memory technique called lecturing ‘lecturing the wall’ and gives you some action steps to put it into practice using the PQRST method.

Use your Ninja Powers to Survive Unemployment

Lisa who is unemployed herself gives nine simple strategies that will enable you to tap into your inner strengths and keep you going through your unemployment.

How To Survive the Snack Attack.

Elizabeth has a very sensible approach to snacking: snack on healthy foods like apples, drink more water and shop for the healthiest snacks you can find.

How I cope with anxiety and depression

Meagan Gallant gives a very candid account of how she keeps herself positive with umpteen practical tricks that she uses to tackle anxious and depressed thoughts.

How to Have a More Productive and Energetic Morning

17 year old Sam Matla writes a blog about being more productive. Here he shares some excellent tips that will get you going in the morning.

Have a look through the whole list and let me know which others you would recommend: 84 Must Read ‘How to’ Blog Posts

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One thought on “5 Awesome ‘How to…’ Posts

  1. Thanks for the mention, David!

    Also, love your site name: authentically positive. Great reminder that one shouldn’t just cultivate a pollyanna-like optimism. In order to be effective, positive thinking needs to be sincere and become a natural part of one’s personality.

    I’ll be following your blog.

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