14 Habits of Highly Miserable People

Cloe Madanes argues that “…misery is an art form, and the satisfaction people seem to find in it reflects the creative effort required to cultivate it… So if you aspire to make yourself miserable, what are the best, most proven techniques for doing it?”
She even gives some advantages of misery:

• When you’re miserable, people feel sorry for you…
• When you’re miserable, since you have no hopes and expect nothing good to happen, you can’t be disappointed or disillusioned.
• Being miserable can give the impression that you’re a wise and worldly person, especially if you’re miserable not just about your life, but about society in general…

Here is her list of ways to be miserable:

1. Be afraid, be very afraid, of economic loss
14 habits of highly miserable people2. Practice sustained boredom
3. Give yourself a negative identity
4. Pick fights
5. Attribute bad intentions
6. Whatever you do, do it only for personal gain
7. Avoid gratitude
8. Always be alert and in a state of anxiety
9. Blame your parents
10. Don’t enjoy life’s pleasures
11. Ruminate
12. Glorify or vilify the past
13. Find a romantic partner to reform
14. Be critical

Cloe Madanes is teacher of family therapy. “Ultimately,” she concludes, “the therapist is your enemy when trying to cultivate misery in your life. So get out as soon as possible.”

If you haven’t guessed by now she is of course being ironic! Just do the opposite of all these points.

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