Why Authentically Positive?

Why positive?

Our outlook on life is a key factor to our personal development. An optimistic viewpoint can influence our thoughts, memories and words and help us develop character strengths and result in greater happiness and satisfaction with our life.

authentically positive happiness running with seaguls

Simple exercise such as running with seaguls can promote authentically positive experiences

The 21st century has seen the emergence of positive psychology as a reputable scientific endeavour. It has also seen a growth in the interest of life coaching that seeks to apply many of these positive principles by not just asking people great questions but also by encouraging them to reach for their dreams – striving for the ideal rather than settling the adequate.

Why authentically?

I believe we are also seeing a growth in the need to be authentic. People are becoming more sceptical of hype. There is a longing to be able to be able to have authentic relationships where we can be open and honest with one another.

Martin Seligman in his book Authentic Happiness appears to strike a good balance on this which I find much more helpful than many of the earlier ideas of positive thinking that often fail to take this into account. For instance many earlier writers have emphasised having greater self esteem but in Positive Psychology ideas such as self control are also discussed.

Being authentically positive

In this blog I want to look at a number of topics related to our personal development in the light of these ideas. I want to bring an openness and honesty to them and yet still communicate hope and optimism. In each of these areas I want to tackle some questions that are relevant to everyday life and look at how in each of these areas we can be authentically positive.

  • How do can cope with stress? This is not just an awareness of stress such as what might cause it and what it does to our bodies but also some positive techniques to deal with it.
  • How we can improve our relationships? Generally with everyone we meet but also I want to particularly discuss romantic relationships.
  • How can we develop spirituality? I want to discuss some principles that will be applicable to everyone whether they are religious or not but ultimately I will be coming from a Christian perspective as that is my personal background and belief.
  • What is the impact on our outlook on our health – our mental health and our physical health? For example, how we can deal with depression and how can we control our diet?
  • How can we apply these principles to our parenting? For example, how today’s media affects our kids and how can we manage their behaviour?
  • How to develop our career and improve our job search.
  • I even want to include some thoughts about being authentic and positive about our money.

This list is not exhaustive. This can apply to every area of life. If there is an area that you’d like me to discuss please let me know in the comments below.