7 Life Coaching Books

Here are 7 life coaching books that I have been reading recently. Why not treat yourself for Christmas?

The Life Coaching Handbook

This is a comprehensive overview for anyone who is considering starting out as a life coach. Some detailed introduction to NLP and some business tips.

Career Coaching: An Insider’s Guide

This not only includes some good principles about coaching job seekers and career changers but also some very useful tips on the practicalities of looking for a job.

Life Coaching for Work

Plenty to work through here for those who want to develop their life at work. This book offers a systematic approach to setting your own goals at work in many areas.

Your Inner Coach

Here are some coaching principles to apply to your own life. It advocates spending a short time alone with yourself on a regular basis to get in touch with your true self.

It’s Your Life, What are You Going to Do with It?

This book will spur you on to find out what you really want to do and get you doing it. No matter what your age use this book to tap into your life’s purpose and do it.

Life Coaching: A Cognitive-Behavioural Approach

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a well respected technique with plenty of empirical evidence behind it. It’s refreshing to see these principles applied to Life coaching.

Life Coach: Become the Person You’ve Always Wanted to Be

I am enjoying working through this book. Some very good practical lessons on how to use life coaching skills on yourself to achieve your full potential.