6 Objections to Discussing Personal Development

When you hear about personal development, positive psychology or life coaching I wonder what comes to your mind. I just want to tackle a few questions or objects that I think this sort of topic might raise in people’s mind. Some time ago I sent out a little questionnaire about this proposed blog and these are based on some of the responses that I got.

1. I haven’t got the time to read about personal development

I live a very busy and stressful life. I’ve barely got time to read important work email. I might be interested but I don’t think I’d find the time. There are other commitments that would take priority.

2. I don’t need personal development tips

I can’t see why I would need to learn about personal development. I’m doing fine so I wouldn’t be interested in personal development, life coaching or anything like that. Thank you anyway!

3. People who read this stuff – haven’t they got any mates?

I see my personal development as occurring through interaction with real people. I learn from my life experience and discussion with trusted friends. I would rather ask my close friends for help and advice

4. What secrets do you have and how much do I have to pay?

If I need any advice I normally get it for free. What are you selling? Will it cost me lots of money. I’m wary of someone who would charge for something that I feel should be free.

5. Isn’t there a danger of being too introspective?

I’m not convinced that all this navel gazing is good for you. I mistrust an inward looking way of thinking. Should we just be getting on with our lives rather than judging ourselves on every move we make?

6. Is this part of the New Age movement?

A lot of these self help books also look at spirituality and some other spooky stuff such as healing crystals or guardian angels. Some people might find that absolutely fascinating but I just don’t want anything to do with it.

Over the next three posts I want to tackle these objections. I trust that my comments will be useful and help set the scene for future posts.