6 Questions about or Objections to Discussing Personal Development – Part 4

5. Isn’t there a danger of being too introspective?

Of course there can be dangers of reflecting too much about ourselves. We can become too inward looking and worry about how we are doing. Some of what we look at will be internal attitudes such as you optimism or sense of satisfaction with your life. But there is a lot that is to do with what we do especially in the context of others such as being honest and genuine.

What I like about the positive psychology approach are those three little words ‘other people matter’. When we examine character development you will see that some character strengths are very personal such as a love of learning but others are very outward looking such as gratitude and forgiveness.

You will find the topics covered here are very practical. We will look at how to control your kid’s behaviour, how and why to monitor what they look at on TV and the internet. How do improve your relationships, how to control your temper, how to lose weight, how to be a positive influence.

Some self help literature I feel can take a very selfish approach. It is all about developing yourself sometimes at the expense of others. One principle in life coaching that I like is that it values contributions to society and to other people. It looks at how we can help others. We cannot be fulfilled ourselves in isolation to other people.

6. Is this part of the New Age movement?

Positive psychology and coaching do have spiritual sides. In fact this is one of the aspects of positive psychology that I find very attractive. They get you to think about your life in a very holistic way and allow you to ponder big questions such as your sense of mission. They emphasise the importance of a finding meaning and purpose in your life. For many people spirituality is one way to explore this.

There is a wide spectrum of spirituality reflected within these movements including atheism, parapsychology and ideas drawn from eastern religions. It is this mix that people sometimes loosely refer to as the new age. Some of the books and materials may discuss spirituality from any of these view points and more.

My own perspective lies firmly within the Christian tradition so I wouldn’t see myself as part of the new age movement or anything like that. But I do want to discuss spiritual development as it is an important aspect of positive psychology and coaching. Where appropriate I will draw on my Christian faith and spirituality. If you are interested and want to explore this further you might want to read my other blog CharisMissional where I discuss my faith in more detail.

Whatever your beliefs or lack of beliefs there is still plenty to be gained from coaching and positive psychology.

What do you think?

Well that covers a few of the questions or comments that some people might have. Please feel free to let me know if you feel this answers these or if you have further points that you would like to raise.

6 Questions about or Objections to Discussing Personal Development – Part 3

3. Why would someone need to read this stuff?

Haven’t they got any mates?

Of course a lot of our personal development comes through interaction with people. We learn through the experiences of life and get advice from close and trusted friends. But it can always be useful to get a fresh perspective on life. It may be that something you read encourages you not to give up hope or to be bold enough to speak the truth in a situation.

You may find that you often discuss issues like these with your friends. But all too often we neglect these. Many of us get caught up in daily activities and small talk and find it difficult to get an opportunity to discuss some of the deeper issues of life. On this site I will look at meaning and purpose and even discuss spirituality from time to time.

The principles in positive psychology and in much of life coaching outlines may be useful in evaluating where you are in our family life, our career, our finances, where you want to go in these areas and how to get there.

In talking these things through with our mates we may find a frustration in that we never really get to the point. In life coaching for instance there are strategies such as how to set specific goals and review them. The principles of positive psychology and coaching may get you to articulate your goals in ways you hadn’t done before. They may get you to be more aware of your strengths. They may help you to see where areas that you could develop.

4. What secrets do you have then?

How much do I have to pay?

On the internet there is plenty that is given away for free. In my experience there are no deep secrets that you have to pay lots of money for. Often such ploys are mere confidence tricks.

But some people prefer to read the sort of detail they find in a book or want to get material in video or audio format. I’ll be pointing you to a number of books on that I think you’ll find interesting and useful that you may want to buy. If you click through my site I will get a little commission at no extra cost to you. You can even buy some directly from my Amazon marketplace store.

At the moment I am studying for Diploma in Life Coaching. This will qualify me to set up a practice where I can offer life coaching. Life coaching is where someone will help you set your goals and discuss the way forward in the areas that you want to develop. It isn’t the same as therapy or counselling which is usually for people with problems. Life coaching is simply to help anyone to get what they want out of life. This is a paid service that I will offer in the future for those interested.

In this blog you can read about these principles yourself for free and put them into practice in your own life. But you may buy the resources through Amazon. You may even decide to hire me or someone else as a life coach.

6 Questions about or Objections to Discussing Personal Development – Part 2

Here are my answers to the first two objections to discussing personal development.

1. I haven’t got the time

In today’s world people often complain about lack of time. Everyone is always in a rush. Stress has become an epidemic in the western world. Time is often about priorities and if something is important enough to us we often do find time for it. It is amazing how much time people spend watching TV but perhaps you genuine feel you hardly get time for yourself to relax.

Yes, I think it is good to be realistic about how we spend our time and to take care not to waste it. But also there is a place for spending time to look after ourselves. Perhaps a better way to think of it is as an investment – an investment in ourselves.

For example finding one brilliant tip on time management that you really apply may very soon yield you the time you spend searching for it with some interest! You may then realise that the source of such tips was worth it. You may go back to the site for money saving tips or relationship advice again and again and find that your life keeps improving as a result. You just need to keep persevering.

2. I don’t need personal development tips

Personal development tips may be something that you have never felt the need for but there can be a value in investing time in reading about some of these sorts of principles such as optimism or self control. We will see how these impact your health – both your physical health and your mental health.

They can give you insight into many areas of your life such as parenting, relationships, career or money management. Some may find encouragement that they are on the right tracks and find motivation to keep going. Others might find an exercise to do or a way to adjust their thinking that can be beneficial.

Why not investigate some of these principles? Why not evaluate your character strengths or the levels of satisfaction with various aspects of your life. Why not look for tips on improving your memory or learning how to control your temper? These are the sorts of things I’m planning to cover here. If you find them interesting and useful you might find yourself coming back for more.